We believe that for a complete English experience, living with a HOST FAMILY gives you the best environment in which to improve your English ability outside the classroom. Details to follow.


However, we realise that this way may not suit everybody, and with this in mind we can also offer SELF-CATERING facilities for those who prefer to be independent. The prices for self-catering accommodation range from £55 - £70 a week for a single room. This would be a very basic bedroom in a shared house whereby others students would share a bathroom and kitchen facilities. This does not normally include electricity and other rates.

Those who wish to stay in a HOTEL . Eastbourne offers a variety of hotels on the beautiful seafront. They range from 2 to 5 stars. Prices vary, please contact us for more details.

Accommodation with a host family includes:

Half-board (breakfast and evening meals) on weekdays.

Full-board (breakfast / light lunch and main evening meal) at weekends.

One load of clothes wash a week.

Suitable studying facilities in your room; i .e. a desk and chair .
(short to long-term students)

Easy access to all the town's main attractions.

All year round
(except Summer months)
Twin room £70 per person/week Single room £95 per week
Summer months
Twin room £80 per person/week Single room £95 per week

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