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Tuition fees for Option 1 (for Option 2 – please contact us with your requirements)

Please note that the fees are exclusive of accommodation – see accommodation page for more details Choose your course from the courses page – then decide how long you wish to study for – Intensively or occasionally:

Lessons – A lesson is 50 minutes in total plus a 10 minute chat or refreshment break.

    • – this is the description for private lessons

Mini-groups – (minimum 2 – maximum 6 students) these would be a group of friends/family travelling and studying together


Short Term 12 Weeks
1-1 � 3780 (per private student)
Mini-Group £ 4860 (in total – not per student)
Course Material £ 15 to £ 25 (depending on course)

Medium Term 24 Weeks
1-1 £ 6840 (per private student)
Mini-Group £ 9000 (in total – not per student)
Course Material £ 15 to £ 25 per student (depending on course)

Medium Term 52 Weeks (44 weeks-study / 8 weeks-school holiday)
1-1 £ 11220 (per private student)
Mini-Group £ 15180 (in total – not per student)
Course Material £ 15 to £ 25 per student (depending on course)

1-1 £ 25 (per private student)
Mini-Group £ 32 (in total - not per student - per lesson)
Course Material £ 15 to £ 25 (depending on course)

Other Charges
Enrolment fee

£ 25 (per student – non-refundable)
includes: assessment / student card / appraisal / TSM certificate

Accommodation enrolment fee £ 25 (per student – non-refundable)
Material Variable –depending on course chosen
Formal Exam fees

Variable (depending on exam chosen)
From £80 to £120 per student per exam

Intensive courses Enrolment fee + 10% course fee (non-refundable) at time of booking 90% (final-payment) + accommodation payment (if applicable) 1 month prior to course starting date
Occasional lessons/courses Payment 1 week in advance to lessons (please note – timetable for occasional lessons are not guaranteed – unless full-payment is made in advance

Cancellation - Please read our Terms and Conditions
Intensive courses Minimum 3 months notice Students on medium to long-term will have their fees adjusted according to their final number of weeks.
Occasional lessons/courses 1 weeks notice(please note � timetable for occasional lessons are not guaranteed � unless full-payment is made in advance and 3 months notice will apply

Terms & Conditions – Individual Enrolment

We ask that you read these carefully before you register with us.


  1. A Contract will be made in writing between the Student or Representative and TSM-ENGLISH.
  2. An enrolment fee of £25.00 per student is required at the time of booking. This is non-refundable.
  3. Any refund of payments will be given less any discounts or special offers or Representative’s commission that were given at the time of enrolment.
  4. Should a Student Visa be refused than all monies paid for the course for lessons not yet taken will be refunded in full less the enrolment fee of £25.00.
  5. TSM will not refund any fees if a student has broken the law or conditions of his/her visa and is required to leave the country as a consequence. Refunds will not be given if a visa is refused as a consequence of not attending the course regularly.

  6. All applications for a refund of fees must be supported by original documentary evidence. If abroad, a form APP 200 is required from the embassy.
  7. Deposits are not refunded under any circumstances.
    TSM-ENGLISH will not transfer fees from one student to another.
  8. TSM ENGLISH must be informed of any postponement of a course at least 4 weeks prior to the starting date in order that credits can be transferred to another course to be undertaken at a later date.
  9. Subject to availability Students may transfer to other courses but must give TSM-ENGLISH 4 weeks notice prior to transfer.
  10. Fees include government tax (V.A.T.), if applicable, reports, tests, certificates, and school services except where otherwise indicated. External examination fees and course books are not included in the course fees.
  11. To reserve accommodation you will need to pay an arrangement fee, which is £25.00 and is non-refundable.
  12. After reserving accommodation, you must stay at the address provided by TSM-ENGLISH. If you do not you will forfeit the accommodation and the course fees.
    If you do not receive a visa and cannot take up your accommodation, you must contact TSM-ENGLISH so that we can advise the landlord. If you do this, TSM-ENGLISH will postpone your course. You will, however, be charged one week’s rent as a cancellation fee. If you reapply to TSM-ENGLISH and want accommodation you will not have to pay an arrangement fee.
  13. TSM-ENGLISH reserves the right to alter its courses at any time.
  14. TSM-ENGLISH will be closed on all Public Holidays and for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year period. This does not affect courses under 4 weeks, which are extended to make up for the holiday.


TSM – English reserves the right to terminate any agreement without any refund of monies paid if the behaviour of a Student is considered unacceptable

All prices and timetables are subject to change
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